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My name is Sven Soares, born and raised in Luxembourg.  


Art was somehow always part of my life. In the past 20 years it was a blessing for me to travel all around the world as a Professional Dancer and Model.


Having the chance to discover new cultures and make new experiences in front of the camera, awaken my desire to catch moments. 

Naturally this passion turned into the next pave of my career path.

This is how Photography became a big part of my life. 


What inspires me?

Life, with all that it brings, the sadness, the joy. All that it offers.

People, Animals, the shape of their faces, anatomy and how they move, their expressions, the history of life one can find in their eyes.


The colors of Nature, the dance between light and shadows.

Every small detail can be inspirational to me. 


I simply love to create and make people happy through my work.


Your ideas can become my next project.


Inspire me by sharing the vision of your dream or success story for your business.

Contact me

Thank you. Let's create together!

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